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How Much Protein In Avocado?

After a long-lasting fat scare that started in the 80s, the avocado has finally recovered its reputation and has seen a great spike in popularity over the last few years. Everyone’s new favourite food has been around for a long time, though: Originally from Central and Southern America, the name of the avocado comes from… Read More »

How Lоng To Роасh Аn Еgg?

Eggѕ аrе a nutritious аnd relatively inеxреnѕivе fооd in our dаilу lifе. It iѕ ѕuitаblе to a lаrgе numbеr оf people, frоm bаbiеѕ оf fоur tо fivе mоnthѕ оld to еldеrlу реорlе. Nоthing wоuld taste bеttеr in the mоrning thаn a роасhеd еgg оr twо. Quick аnd convenient to make, thеу аlѕо рrоvе tо be… Read More »

How Much Protein in One Egg?

Today eggs are definitely the most popular food for most of us that have high nutrition value and contain the whole complex of useful minerals. People from different countries use different types of eggs from quails, turkeys, ostriches and other birds for cooking purpose, but the most common are, of course, chicken eggs. But are… Read More »

How Many Calories in a Bottle of Red Wine?

Red wine is commonly cited as one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages for human consumption. A large part of this healthy view attributed to wine is a direct result of the presence of beneficial antioxidants in the wine. In fact, studies in recent years have shown that drinking one glass of red wine per day… Read More »

Is Quinoa A Carb Source?

Quinoa is called whole grain which is extracted from the seeds of a green plant. This plant is present in some areas of South America. These seeds are admired by many chefs around the world. This is because of its countless benefits. Quinoa has a mild taste in addition to a creamy texture. In order… Read More »